News of Wingtech

Wingtech Technology Global Elite Partner work together to build a quality industrial chain


On October 19th , Wingtech Technology Global Elite Partner Conference was successfully heldin Shanghai. More than 500 outstanding suppliers from all over the world gathered to build the best supply chain in the industry.


As one of the world's leading telecommunications and semiconductor companies, Wingtech has maintained close and in-depth relationships with its supply chain and partners over many years. In order to meet the huge delivery demand in 2020, during the Wingtech Nexperia Shanghai International 10km Elite Race, we specially invite the industrial chain elite partners from all over the world to participate in the grand event.


On this conference, Zhang Xuezheng, chairman of Wingtech Technology, introduced Wingtech's development and future strategy in detail. Wingtech's achievements and great cooperation space in the future were also warmly applauded by the participating partners.Zhang xuezheng said that Wingtech is everyone's Wingtech, is the partner of Wingtech. As a system integration company, Wingtech integrates the products of various suppliers and partners through design and manufacturing, and then provides them to consumers. Over past ten years, with everyone's support and help, Wingtech's monthly shipments have already exceeded 10 million units, entering a new platform with annual shipments exceeding 100 million units, and starting to make an impact on the annual shipments of 200 million units. In the future, we will be innovative and international. Wingtech is willing to work with suppliers, customers and partners in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to build a healthier, safer, greener and more lasting industrial chain, so as to push the industry to continuously break the boundary and achieve higher and stronger goals.

Zhang Xue-zheng said that 5G will change the world. At the moment when 5G is coming, let's change ourselves, change the industry and change the world together in the 5G era to create a brand new supply chain speed!

Qualcomm, Nexperia, AAC and LY iTECH respectively spoke as representatives of strategic suppliers and excellent suppliers, expressing high recognition of Wingtech Technology and full of expectations for future cooperation. Many suppliers have indicated that they will support Wingtech as the most important customer and jointly open up the huge global 5G market.


Qualcomm, Nexperia, Samsung Semiconductor, SKhynix, Qorvo, Skyworks and other companies won the Wingtech Technology strategic supplier award; Bosch, muRata and other companies won the Wingtech Technology outstanding supplier award; The meeting also recognized the suppliers who won the best delivery award, quality excellence award and quality improvement award.